Notes to a friend going to meet my love

There are fireworks going off here. It’s like the world is calling out her name. Listen to me, my friend. Before you go there are some things you must know. You will meet her, and her beauty will confuse you. It will derail you. You will sit across the table from her and she will […]

Leaving town

It’s been a while since we met here, hasn’t it? I’m sorry I don’t do this oftener. It feels not dissimilar to gutting myself with a cheese knife. It’s not for lack of things to say, words, or even how I feel. It’s just measly armour. So¬†pathetic. Always prided myself on such courage but I […]

A letter for old love

The sum of my years has been spent¬†knowing your body¬†and learning the puzzle of how we fit and connect into each other. The plane of your flank flush with my arm.¬†My face flat against your belly like a memory foam pillow.¬†The sweep of your back meeting the convex of my front.¬†My nose settling into the […]