Sext – Three

You are the curve of my elbow upon my forehead as I sleep.  You are the exposed wrist. The brazen vein.  You are the warmest hands. Breathing skin and kindness.  You are the languid bow of my arm. The gentle sweep of sleep of my eyelids.  You are the weight upon my brow. You are […]

After the war

Penelope, twenty years away from you I forget the little things. The toss of your head, the tumble of your breasts as you disrobe. I wake up with a fire in my belly and an ache in my loins. And always, always this perfect thirst.  “I miss you,” you say. “I miss you, and I’m […]

Sext – Two

I will find you in the dark. I will come for you in the deepest blue of night. My fingers will read your skin, and my palms will lay the ground of your body for our lovemaking. In our quiet, in this forced wordlessness, my mouth finds you other fruit. Grapes for my wanting. Plums […]


There is a word in Spanish: Guapa. It is said the way one smacks one’s lips after sucking on a particularly tart piece of candy. Say it. It means, “beautiful woman”, but not just ordinary beautiful. Not just pretty. Not that. It means gushing blood from a wound beautiful. Pupils dilating beautiful. My mouth is […]