Notes to a friend going to meet my love

There are fireworks going off here. It’s like the world is calling out her name. Listen to me, my friend. Before you go there are some things you must know. You will meet her, and her beauty will confuse you. It will derail you. You will sit across the table from her and she will […]

“You Bring Out The Mexican In Me” – Sandra Cisneros

  “You bring out the Mexican in me. The hunkered thick dark spiral. The core of a heart howl. The bitter bile. The tequila lágrimas on Saturday all through next weekend Sunday. You are the one I’d let go the other loves for, surrender my one-woman house. Allow you red wine in bed, even with […]

“…It is wise to break your heart for the one who takes your heart away” – Tagore

I said I would not leave, and I kept my word. My useless word is all that remains.   “You left me and went your way. I thought I should mourn and grieve over my loss… For time is short. Youth wanes year after year, Spring days are fugitive, Fragile flowers die for nothing, And […]