Kutty Ambi (1944-2015)

Doing Jalsa & Showing Jilpa


Several years ago, an eccentric cousin of my father’s called his office and loudly demanded that the chap who picked up the phone hand it over to one “Kutty Ambi”. The poor man picking up the call was confused. It wasn’t a name he was familiar with, not just in that office but in New Delhi in general. He politely told him there was no “Kutty Ambi” in the office and that he must have gotten the wrong number. But Professor Eccentric from IIT was annoyed. He did not believe that his capacious academic mind could have gotten a telephone number wrong. He insisted, with a little more clarity and syllabic spacing, “Please give the phone to K u t t y A m b i”. 

Before this escalated any further, my father arrived on the scene and handled the situation, because he was Kutty Ambi, and practically no one in…

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