You are not to be wooed. You are to be colonized.

  If one were to woo you with flowers, one would choose wildflowers. Never roses. Never red. An un-self-conscious bird of paradise, perhaps. Deceptively frail persian lilies. An elegantly rude hibiscus that conveys uninhibited desire. (For the hibiscus is not a suggestive flower. It is blatant in its sexuality. Unapologetically wanton. It is the most […]

My mind is a porn star when you’re on it

Wordplay is a boomerang. If you catch what you are thrown, a pleasurable volley can ensue. Sometimes it’s a bad throw and what you project falls by the wayside in some non-descript pit, never to be remembered again. No matter. You try again. I have found that when you write from the gut and send […]