Of love and watermelons

There is only one way to eat watermelons: like you love – with abadon.

“I’ll share my watermelon with you and only you… That sounds dirty. Perfect.”

No forks then, no knives or spoons. Bare hands eating. Only then. And only if.

“Any other way to eat watermelon is blasphemy. It gets messy. I like it.”

Well, then you will understand why I always want to be in love.

*BB, this one is yours. CC @BumbleBooger

3 thoughts on “Of love and watermelons

  1. I did follow this conversation a few minutes back. i envy you. i want to love soooo bad now. someone who will rate my watermelon a 10 on 10. how many times till i wag it in the right face? amen.

    oh god thank you @mentalexotica.

    1. Loving is a state of being, a state of mind. When there is an object of affection/attention/obsession, that state of being merely has a point of focus. But that is all it is. Loving is who you are. Not what you do.

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