‘I’m 35, arrogant and single. Twitter is my life.’ – Pseud Freud

~ Sometimes, I just feel dyslexic. Like own. ~ I tried committing. Suicide. As you can see I failed at that too. ~ Man discovered fire. Woman called the fire department to put it out. ~ Why do people always refer to the ‘weather outside’? When was the last time you experienced a hailstorm in […]

‘Love someone and mean it. It’s just that fucking simple.’ – (Why I love…) Bassey Ikpi

“I’ve never been easy. I will never be easy. I am a mad woman. I love just as insane. I’m flourish and reckless abandon. I prefer this. Match it or balance it. But don’t fuck with it. Don’t get close enough to touch and the decide you need this to cool down. I don’t do cool. I’m […]