Pseud Freud has been a-musing


‘I don’t need boob jobs. They’re busy enough as it is.’


They told me ignorance is bliss but to tell you the truth,
I’m not feeling too happy with the outpouring of all this neglect.


The application form asked me to mention social networking sites,
so I put Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace, Hi5 etc.


I was thinking about Eyjafjallajokull.*
With a name like that, hell, I’d blow my lid too and need to let off steam too.


My lesbian friends are really big on the whole culinary experience.
They’re always going on about how often they eat out.


Latest amongst American teenagers is consuming vodka through their eyes.
That says something about being so drunk you forget where your mouth is.


Einstein said you either lived as though everything or nothing was a miracle.
This, from the guy who came up with the whole theory of relativity thing.


*To know more about how this volcano got it’s name, click here!


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