Pseud Freud is Bitter on Twitter


Santa Claus is now following me on Twitter.
If this has to do with the two front teeth, he’s a little behind schedule.


First Facebook. Then YouTube. Now Twitter.
How tedious. Can’t the internet just block Pakistan?


I just don’t follow the shit that’s trending on Twitter these days.
I don’t even know what a Justin Bieber is.
However, I am told I don’t want to find out.


@paulamalaiali: I’ve tweeted about you.
@mentalexotica: I’m so touched, I don’t know what to say. But, that will pass.
@paulamalaiali: A bit like wind.


Think celebrities are fascinating?
Follow them on Twitter and discover nothing but their travel itineraries!


There are an estimated 80 million unwanted pregnancies each year.
I suspect it’s not your Tweets that need protecting, my lovelies.


RT @mentalexotica: Retweeting is pretty lame.


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